376 W Butler Ave
New Britain, PA 18901
(215) 348-1968
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Mug Club


NBI Mug Club Membership Agreement

Welcome Mug Club Members!  You are our best customers…You are our top priority!

    21oz mug that is numbered… Letting everyone know right away that you are someone special!
    You get to fill your 21oz mug for the price of the 16oz pint, anytime. That’s 5 more ounces than our regular pint!
    Wednesday Nite is Mug Nite. $1 off all normal prices starting at 6pm.  Again you GET 5 MORE OUNCES THAN OUR REGULAR PINT!
    FREE Birthday meal!  Celebrate with us on your Birthday, and we’ll treat you right! ***
    You get your picture w/ your mug, on our wall…Showing everyone how special you are!
    Chance to win Phillies, 76ers or Eagles tickets – just for Mug Club members!


    You must be present (NO phone or Internet) to purchase a mug, and have valid ID and email address.
    Cost is $40.00 for the membership year.
    Membership year runs from September 1st to Septembert 1st.
    You CANNOT buy a membership as a gift.
    You CANNOT transfer your mug to someone else. It CANNOT be used by friends or family, ONLY YOU!
    If mugs are not renewed within one month from 9/1 renewal date, mugs will be offered back to the public.
    You will be notified by email at beginning of the renewal period. If your contact information changes, it is your responsibility to notify us of the change.
    Mug Club will be capped at 250 members, so it is critical that your information be updated.
    We reserve the right to make changes to the Mug Club based upon the need of the business.

(*** Visit us on your birthday, inform the manager (that it is your birthday) and we’ll kindly take up to $15.00 off of your check (one time only).  Cannot be combined with another check, coupon or specials.)


Purchase Online Gift Certificates 24/7!
Buy Gift Certificates